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The Aspire Summer Camp webinar series recordings

The Aspire 2015 Summer Camp online events series offers 2 of our most popular events, ’Time and Life Leadership’ and ‘Boost Your Resilience’. Take a leadership and bigger picture perspective on your life and work aspirations to determine your true priorities and actions and then have the resilience to follow through over time, especially when the going gets tough.


The Aspire Time Leadership System - the recording

Eight out of ten women experience stress on how to get everything done, reach our potential and establish a work/life balance.  Listen to Dr Sam Collins in this inspiring online event to find out how to keep on track every day by creating a strong personal and professional 'Time Leadership' system.


Creating a Vision Board That Works - the recording

According to the Harvard Business Review, "The challenge facing women is to have vision be one of the things we are known for. No vision, no leadership". A vision board is a practical way to create a vision for what you really want to achieve for yourself in your life, career, organization or world in the future. 


‘Inspired By’ Video Series - ‘The World of Difference’

Do you want to make more of a difference?

Explore a broader community and world perspective and understand how you can make a difference to your local and global economic, social and political world issues.


‘Inspired By’ Video Series - ‘A Life Less Ordinary’

Do you want to achieve a great life?

Take the opportunity to reflect, revive and review for this year and beyond. Develop your strategic personal and professional vision and get inspired to create and actually achieve the life of your dreams.


‘An Interview With’ Audio Series PART 1

Hear Dr Samantha Collins, CEO of Aspire, in conversation with inspirational women leaders from the business, nonprofit, government and personal development worlds about life and work.


7 Ways to Help You Move Forward

Feeling stuck? Sometimes all it takes to move forward, even take gentle baby steps, is an encouraging word in your ear. Aspire’s CEO, Dr Sam Collins, offers seven simple pieces of wisdom to help you move to the next level.


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