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The Aspire Time Leadership System - the recording

View this 120-minute video seminar from Dr Samantha Collins, CEO of Aspire, with inspirational stories, top strategies, interactive exercises and resources.

We’re the most educated, powerful generation of women in history, we’re graduating in higher numbers from college than men, reaching the senior ranks in business and politics and we’re the primary breadwinners in many households. Yet eight out of ten women experience stress on how to get everything done, reach our potential and establish a work/life balance.

  • Learn an empowering and disciplined daily and weekly time leadership system that maximizes your time, minimizes distractions and helps turn your aspirations into reality.
  • Move away from time management (running to get things done and over working) to time leadership, empowering yourself and others for impact and results.
  • Create your 'genius time' where you can be strategic and have space to think and plan.
  • Reduce 'busy disease' and gain strategies for dealing with unexpected demands, endless 'to do' lists and time drains from others.
  • Reduce hours worked and increase your impact by learning how to say yes to strengths focused roles, tasks, projects and teams and no to those that are not.
  • Understand that looking after yourself is fundamental to success and not a selfish act
  • Stop balancing and start integrating life and work for personal fulfillment and happiness.
  • Develop the stamina, flexibility, patience and tenacity to make tough choices and take daily action outside of your daily comfort zone.
  • Have more peace of mind, kill the worry monster and reduce negative self talk on what you are and are not achieving.
  • Improve the success and results of yourself and those around you.

Total payment is $150. These costs are strictly for individual viewings only. Licenses can be purchased for group viewings. For any questions or issues, please email



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