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The Aspire Summer Camp webinar series recordings

View these 2 90-minute video seminars from Dr Sam Collins, CEO of Aspire, with inspirational stories, top strategies, interactive exercises and resources.

The Aspire 2015 Summer Camp online events series offers 2 of our most popular events, ’Time and Life Leadership’ and ‘Boost Your Resilience’. Take a leadership and bigger picture perspective on your life and work aspirations to determine your true priorities and actions and then have the resilience to follow through over time, especially when the going gets tough.

Watch 'Time and Life Leadership' and…

  • Gain practical tools to powerfully maximize your life and work results through your time.
  • Think about the work/life balance you really want and determine your unique formula for success.
  • Develop your strategic decision-making abilities; know your key priorities and where to focus your time (and where not to!).
  • Create strategies to handle whatever (or whoever) is stopping you achieving the best from your time and life.
  • Learn how to effectively say 'no'.
  • Discover top tips for delegating effectively and empowering others.
  • Move away from day to day time management, a 'to do' list mentality, being busy all the time, and reduce your stress levels.
  • Understand energy management, what and who gives you energy or drains your energy and what to do about it.
  • Start to form new productive habits and leave with an action plan to apply practically post event.

Then watch the follow up, 'Boost Your Resilience', and…

  • Develop your ‘Resilience Quota’- the ability to keep going and bounce back quickly from unexpected challenges and conflicts.
  • Learn to focus on the things you can control rather than those you cannot, your circle of influence.
  • Grow your thinking skills in quickly adapting to new situations and changing needs and maintaining motivation and reducing stress for yourself and others.
  • Use resilience to become more effective in getting promoted, finding a new role or career or starting or growing your business or organization.
  • Develop your patience and agility to make changes when your plans are not happening as fast as you would like.
  • Understand how women specifically are resilient and how this plays out in male and female teams.
  • Grow your ability to keep going and stay on track and positive about the future even when things are not going as you'd like and you feel like giving up.
  • Be part of the Aspire network and share ideas with other women around the world, gain the support, new perspectives and energy to keep moving forward.
  • Leave with practical actions to apply to your own life, work and world post event.

Total payment will be $195. These costs are strictly for individual viewings only. Licenses can be purchased for group viewings. For any questions or issues, please email


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