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“What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were 12?”

Rosie’s 50 Top Tips on Success for Women and Girls

Rosie Jakeways, aged 12, attended Aspire’s Connected Leadership event on work experience recently. One of her tasks was to collect 50 tips from the executive women attending. She asked the following question:

“What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were 12?”

Here are their responses:

1. 'Think for yourself and bounce ideas off your mum.' - Isabella McNamara

2. 'Take the learnings as they come, whether they are nice and easy or very hard!’ - Nicole Berg

3. 'To trust my intuition.’ - Nicki Crossland

4. 'Enjoy being 12. Take life less seriously.’ - Pooja Khatri

5. 'It’s ok to be scared of stuff because it will probably turn out ok.’ - Nicola de Burlet 

6. 'Just be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.’ - Sarah Milburn 

7. 'Ignore a lot of adults and fights. Nothing is impossible.’ - Jilly Macpherson 

8. 'Be comfortable with who you are.’ - Rebecca Scott 

9. 'You have to trust your intuition. Speak from your heart.’ - Michelle Eliott 

10. 'Not to take life too seriously. Have fun!’ - Ellyn Karetnick 

11. 'When you’re finding out about careers, find out about flexibility and pay.’ - Sarah Walters and Melanie Goward 

12. 'Everything that happens is not as big as you think it is.’ - Elisa Criado 

13. 'I wouldn’t have to change my values to try and fit.’ - Nathalie Fabre 

14. 'Everything is a phase. No matter how horrible it is, it will pass.’ - Louise Kjellerup Roper 

15. 'Relax about everything. It’s not as big as it seems to be.’ - Sally Henderson 

16. 'There are so many projects you want to do when you are young. Do them now!’ - Tahsin Ahmed 

17. 'Do what you enjoy and not what you don’t.’ - Kathryn Wynne-Jones 

18. 'I wish I had more self-confidence and I wish I hadn’t listened to my mum as much.’ - Alexandra Patrick 

19. 'Life is brilliant. Even when it hurts.’ - Joanna Wilde 

20. 'There’s no point in feeling self-conscious. Life is much more fun when you get to know people.’ - Avril Martindale 

21. 'There’s no one thing you have to do. You can change your mind.’ - Samantha Bagchi

22. 'I am limitless, I have unlimited potential, and I can achieve anything I set my mind to.’ - Talita Ferreira 

23. 'Learning what’s out there, beyond my immediate family and friends.’ - Belle Cartwright 

24. 'It doesn’t really matter what choices you make, you’re going to be fine. Don’t have one best friend, have as many as possible.’ - Juliette Mellman-Jones 

25. 'Don’t sweat the small stuff, because it’s mostly small.’ - Pria Rai 

26. 'If you think positive, it will happen. Thoughts become things.' - Catherine Hallett 

27. 'Don’t worry too much about being liked.’ - Sally Worth 

28. 'Be yourself, because you are the best you can possibly be.’ - Laila Khan 

29. 'I could become whatever I wanted to be.' - Claudia Pino 

30. 'Just do what you love. Don’t worry about what you want to be, just tap into your passions.’ - Laura Stead 

31. 'Don’t refuse any experience. Choose a companion that makes you laugh.' - Jane Tribaudi 

32. 'Everything is not always as embarrassing as it may seem.’ - Catherine Ferma 

33. 'Don’t listen to old people.’ - Gillian Rosen 

34. 'It doesn’t matter what other people think, what matters is what I think about what other people think.’ - Tania Clarke 

35. 'Don’t worry about the right subjects at school, just enjoy yourself keep your options open and don’t fret about not having a plan!!’ - Charlotte Field 

36. 'How beautiful I was then.’ - Rebecca Shears 

37. 'Follow your instinct more, slow down and get a dog.’ - Kim Guest 

38. 'That there are a lot of different jobs and professions out there and lots of different and interesting people doing them. I wish I’d known that there were means of accessing those role models (e.g. volunteering opportunities, through my school).’ - Jennifer Low 

39. 'Have more confidence. Seize every experience. Enjoy yourself. Be proud.’ - Mandy Vinnicombe 

40. 'You don’t have to climb the corporate ladder. Just do what you enjoy doing. Life’s too short.’ - Laura Howard 

41. 'Don’t grow up regretting the things you haven’t done.’ - Lesley Sparrow 

42. 'Being a teenager is difficult. Things always get better. It’s not the end of the world.’ - Clare Standage 

43. 'Enjoy school and enjoy the holidays, because you won’t get that life again.’ - Sophy Pashley 

44. 'How valuable focusing on my education was.’ - Tanya O’Doherty 

45. 'I would have tried to have more experience, like at Aspire.’ - Claudia Schenker 

46. 'If you do something you enjoy and someone knocks you back, it’s probably because they’re jealous.’ - Jo Stockham 

47. 'It’s not gonna work out like you planned it, but if you work hard and think positive it will turn out even better than you planned it. Be yourself.’ - Sarah Walker-Smith 

48. 'Everyone else is probably as scared as you, and it’s not about being the same as everyone else. It’s about bringing your own amazing uniqueness. And that’s more than good enough.’ - Sarah Walters 

49. 'Make conscious choices, follow your intuition and keep the faith!’ - Essia Harding 

50. 'Boys will come and go, girls should stick together and need to support each other and be KIND.’ - Jo Thresher

Which of the top 50 quotes is most applicable to you?

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